Julia Fullerton-Batten

Schermata 2009-12-26 a 13.09.07

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a global photographer. Born in Germany raised in London, Julia’s work has taken her around the world. Trips to countries such as China, India, Viet Nam, Chile, Australia and New Zealand have enabled her to develop an impressive collection of award winning photography.

Julia’s client list includes: Canon, McDonald’s, London Eye, Levi’s, BT, Galaxy, Ford, Ikea, Eurostar, Virgin Mobile, American Express, Visa, Shurtape, T-Mobile, Esquire, Best Life

“Teen Stories” is a series Julia developed out of her love for miniature villages. The photographs are mesmerizing, juxtaposing teenage girls at the moment of facing maturity with miniature buildings, many of which are familiar to the viewer. The concept is pure Fullerton-Batten, part fairy tale, part reality check.