Lisa Bengtsson – “Shoes”


Remember Lisa Bengtsson success wallpaper ”the family” with the black and white frames? Now she just produced her second wallpaper called ”svärmor” which means mother in law in Swedish. This time she made something for all the shoe lovers out there.

This is what Lisa says about the wallpaper:

Why shoes? There is something special about a pair of shoes. It’s an accessory we always need to wear, which changes its appearance depending on where we go.  Each shoe breaths a history of our life – some of them stay forever, others leave only a footprint behind. What I like the most about shoes is their profile, silhouette and the relationship between its shape and shadow. “Svärmor” brings to mind the issue of our consumption society and
ask the question; do we really need so many new pair of shoes each season? Do we? Maybe we do, this wallpaper is a contribution to all the shoe lovers out in the world. But why the name mother in law? Well, mother in law is also a happy family member.