Fuzzy Ink

Fuzzy Ink Design (Series 1).jpg

Once upon a mustache there lived a young, gallantly mustached collection of men with the voracious dream of reuniting the debonair mustaches of yesteryear with the cold and naked faces of today. Once a symbol of nobility, rank and supposed magical powers, the mustache had steadily lost its luster, blending into the framework of a colorless society. Armed with the wooly wisdom of a thousand flannel-clothed lumberjacks, the pioneers merged their mustache minds and commenced on their quest under the alias “Fuzzy Ink”.
In short, Fuzzy Ink is dedicated to the loving production of mustache clad apparel. Armed with a unique sense of style and an under-appreciated sense of humor, we work feverishly to bring the freshest designs to the unkempt mustache kingdom. Each shirt, from the custom stamped tag to the artwork, is designed and hand printed in our underground lair. Additionally, we are committed to making and selling only clothing that we would proudly sport ourselves. No mustache will be left behind…