55DSL Fall Winter ‘08 collection


The graphic story of 55DSL‘s Fall Winter ’08 collection was inspired by hi-fidelity stereo equipment and twisted references to the late 80’s. Quirky audiocassette graphics, as well as old LP covers, are corrupted with our usual irreverence. Besides the main theme, the guys at 55dsl still haven’t freed themselves from their habitual obsession with dynamic and abstract geometric graphics – sometimes softened up by mimicking a hand-drawn style.


This season they present a series of creative collaborations with two high-profile brands. KWAY, the renowned French company famous for their iconic ‘80s anoraks, has worked with 55DSL to develop a co-branded special edition version of their classic KWAY jacket. NEW ERA, a brand famous worldwide for their baseball caps, has also been chosen for a collaboration with 55DSL, producing three co-branded caps.