Baggu Bag


The Baggu Bag, a new, eco-friendly alternative to paper or plastic, is reinventing the shopping experience. With a mission to provide shoppers with a practical and fashionable solution to the plastic bag problem, this simple and beautiful reusable shopping tote is a stylish approach to going green.

Baggu’s design is a basic silhouette, inspired by the iconic plastic grocery bag. The simple shape makes for a utilitarian product with a modern aesthetic. Weighing only two ounces each, Baggu bags are light and compactible, folding into a ?at 5×5 inch pouch, a convenient size to store in a purse or back pocket.
The Baggu bag is constructed from lightweight, durable rip-stop nylon. One bag holds the contents of two to three plastic grocery bags, while six bags hold the entire cart load. Baggu takes the common shopping bag to task, known for its ever-expanding palate of bright colors and patterns that vary seasonally.

Blending fashion sensibility with  the practicality of a shopping bag, Baggu has created a new category of eco-chic.

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