Gram design


Gram was founded in Stockholm, April 2005 by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi. The company’s primary goal is to design and produce a range of unique shoes and apparel, that reflect the present, yet rely on the past. Materials are always at the core of every collection together with a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic, creating a uniquely wearable product. All items are created with minute attention to details and hands-on presence in all stages of development.

On the 1st of october gram opens their long anticipated webshop. Essentially a portal for exclusives, collabs, one-off’s, beta products and anything else too expensive or elaborate for any retailer to buy, as well as gram’s more regular range. is an international conceptual retail space allowing everybody not previously reached by their worldwide network to enjoy gram products.

And do not miss the Spring Summer collection. The 7th collection from gram is an eclectic mix of soft suede, polished patent and printed patterns. Clear contrastas well as tone-in-tone colouration breathe life into a subtle and wearable, yet strikingly dynamic line-up.

3 Responses
  1. they started like Swear copycats, like many other scandinavian brands actually. they are not too diverse…

  2. Haha, Jean what a moran, swear copycats, what?
    Who over 17 years old wears Swear?
    Maybe “jean” at swear wears them, swear is one crappy shoe brand!