Everything is digital. Your memories too. But there is a great little idea for a wonderfully unexpected way to relive those memorable moments: turn your video footage into a Bob Books flickbook. Entertain yourself and your friends with these fun-to-use books, and create your own mini library of memories. Flickbooks come in one handy size (125 x 65 mm), contain 70 pages, are printed on 250 gsm matt coated paper (silver digital), feature a 350gsm cover, and boast a special durable binding – ensuring that they flick perfectly, time after time. Creating your flickbook is really easy. It all happens online; simply upload your digicam or cameraphone videos onto a special web application, then follow the instructions to design how your flickbook looks from the front to the back cover. Each flickbook costs £12.99, which includes VAT but not postage or packaging.