2 Unfold by Hard Graft

The 2UNFOLD by Hard Graft multi-use laptop bag is carefully handmade in Italy by highly skilled artisans. Crafted from premium italian hand-picked, hand-tanned and hand-finished leather matched with an exquisite italian cotton canvas. This bag is something of a sartorial transformer, the 2UNFOLD offers eight different ways for you to sport it. An urban briefcase, a shoulder bag, a safe case, a rucksack, a leather courier, a clutch… all in one bag. Simply genial.

Hard Craft is an independent creative company with a simple honest approach to design. Based in Austria, in a medieval Schloss surrounded by vineyards and apricot orchards.  Hard graft™ products are handmade entirely in Austria & Italy and they endeavour to use only natural sustainable materials.

2 Responses
  1. the items ship from austria. don’t rely on this company to give you fast and safe shipment. postal service. no tracking numbers.

  2. I’ve ordered a few things now from hard graft, shipping to the US was fast (priority insured), I also had a tracking number for USPS. AND their products are beautiful!