S***R shoes

Since its frantic inception S***R attracted the eye of creative people in the worlds of fashion and music. Indie artists, musicians and actors have been spotted wearing S***R shoes, among these respected designer Matthew Williamson, Thom York from Radiohead, Skin, Orlando Bloom, many a band from Kings of Leon to Muse, Nouvelle Vague to Liars, The Horrors to The Teenagers, all felt the noise of Swear. S***R’s original DEAN design, a pointed shoe with distinctive rubber sole, featuring the iconic James Dean “Rebel Without a Cause” graphic outsole, marked the brand’s now instantly recognisable S***R ‘look’. Few brands used a sports based sole in so many ways before. From classic oxfords and derbies to the most complex design, the DEAN has been the quntessential style of every S***R season, notably for it’s use of rich materials and colourfully employing metalic leathers and bold detailing. SuperFlyDeluxe has a wide range of shoes you can choose from, have a look.

On November 13th S**R launched its  first “Greatest Hits” CD, featuring 10 exciting bands from London including newcomers Stricken City, Kasms, S.C.U.M. and Micron63 as well as established acts such as Part Chimp, Comanechi and Vincent Vincent (and the Villains – R.I.P). Full band line-up: Vincent Vincent, Stricken City, Comanechi, S.C.U.M., Twisted Charm, Part Chimp, Kasms, Micron 63, New black light machine and Dear Thief. You can win a copy here.

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