FARE bags

FARE (to do: a verb indicating that somebody perform an action, an activity or a task)
Practical and capacious bags, ready to become as tiny as a t-shit. It’s possibile to spoil these bags using them without any contraindication. They have simple cuts and they are made of a soft but extremely strong material. FARE reflect equal parts function and style, the aim of the collection is to shift the sportive bags market away from the outdoor-driven designes to a fresher streetwear-and skatebord-driven aesthetic. Fuction is still present but hidden within clean lines. Tha material is  bispalmato coming from nautical world chosen for its durability in addition to its appearance and streetwear appeal.

The Italian design couple Marco Trinchillo and Francesca Moscatelli started their accessory label in October 2007 with a small collection inspired by a sporting bag coming from the ‘70/’80. Sporting shops and clubs used to give costumers and partners this kind of bag as a present. Their joint expertises, Francesca is an handbags designer, and Marco is a photographer and musician, create a perfect  symbiosis and originate a unique idea for their fashion accessories line.  The need was only one: launching an innovative, practical and “every day” product with a retrò touch. The project FARE was born through a strong passion and a crave for color exsperimentation.