D.A.T.E. sneakers

D.A.T.E. won’t turn down it’s public’s expectations by launching   seven brand new original models for the next summer. Looking with one eye at the tuscan craftmanship that gave birth to the whole project and with the other at its worldwide markets’ new trends, D.A.T.E. is proudly introducing JAMES,  a vintage shoe in leather and linen,  EMY, canvas’informality declined in a rainbow of colours,  TOMMY is everything you ever thought basic could be disguised as a shoe, SUBY takes golf shoes to a new level, while BENNY is D.A.T.E.’s running proposal coming right out of the 90’s. D.A.T.E. Ventures into new products with two unprecedented slip-on mocassin shoes revisited by the square brand with a vulcanized sole

D.A.T.E. was established in 2004 in London when two brilliant young designers and two marketing students met and decided they would gather and share their personal experiences and knowledge to work on an ambitious project: the creation of the first D.A.T.E. Sneaker. Creativity, experience drawn by fashion’s entourage and academic knowledge lead to the concept of a high quality product: a shoe able to live up to the high standards of the “Made in Italy” tradition through an accurate choice of textiles and leathers combined to an highly qualified craftmanship.

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