Veja: ethical shoes

In 2003, the two founders of Veja traveled around the world studying sustainable development project  (justeplanet). In Chinese factories, South-African mines and the Amazon rainforest, they have looked for solutions to the problems of our times: massive deforestation, exhaustion of natural resources, labour exploitation… Veja is the logical result of this adventure.  The origin of the Veja project might be summed up in one question : is another world possible?

Veja has been built on 3 main principles:
1. Using ecological inputs
2. Using fair trade cotton and latex
3. Respecting workers’ dignity

Veja has created a  global chain that emphasizes solidarity and environment from the small producers in Brazil to the public.  The Veja project aims to work directly with Brazilian small producers of organic cotton and natural latex, organized into cooperatives, in order to develop a chain that respect human beings and environment. To respect the planet and to respect humanity. Veja shoes are fair traded and organic, made from natural latex rubber, vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton. Find them in your local store or on the Veja store. They use wild rubber trees that are only found in the Amazon, by supporting wild latex production they help prevent deforestation in this region. Veja supports two cooperatives of small organic cotton producers.

« Convincing the customers who are already convinced with fair trade principles is not our priority. We want Veja sneakers to be next to other sneakers brands in stores where consumers ordinarily shop. The primary goal is that consumers buy the sneakers because they like them. Ethical aspects shouldn’t be the only reason to explain a purchase especially when it is about sneakers », explains Ghislain Morillion, co-founder of  Veja.

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  1. ils sont trop belle les veja mais moi jaimerai avoir une ou il y a des couleur qui se mette avec tout et que personne n’a