Goliath shoes


Goliath is the sophisticated alternative for the mass, providing high quality confident and self determined apparel. Goliath’s aim for the future is to keep its independent character, edgy mentality & raw simplicity…Goliath is not a ‘pop’ brand, it’s alternative and clever, not following the crowd, something original and twisted around cricket.



In 1925 Sir van Amelsvoort opened a shoe factory called Adelaar, in his home town Tilburg, The Netherlands. In 1937 he registered his brand under the name ‘Goliath’, focusing on providing excellent sports apparel. To cater for the Dutch market’s seasonal demands, he produced soccer boots for winter and cricket shoes for the spring and summer. Remaining fiercely independent, Sir van Amelsvoort’s shoe’s have always been produced with passion and quality, his small production line guaranteeing his focus on craftsmanship. These values are at the heart of the new Goliath team, continuing the heritage of excellence & quality in the midst of our continuously evolving street style, and the passion for the king of sports: cricket. Building on this base Goliath strives for the ultimate fusion of fashion, sports, quality, style and function. Goliath is ‘Holland’s best kept secret’.

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