Knog Love+Hate gloves

Long fingers, short fingers, white and red and green and white and black and stranglers……! Knog comes to market with ten hot little digits, and we mean sexy hot.  Don’t mistake them for golf gloves, prankster, but for sure – these ten fingers are so mind defyingly sassy – it’s likely you’ll want to wear them beyond your time on two wheels.

Your hands a made for lovin’, not fussin’. Keep them happy through the ‘riding all night, just to be with you’ times. And the ‘I want to hold you forever, but I don’t want to touch you’ times. And the ‘I want to protect my fingers for when I learn to play piano one day’ times. And the ‘get out of my goddamn yard or I’ll call the fricken cops!’ times.

Also available with RIDE HARD knuckle letters, and with long or short fingers. Super stylish!