Andy Richardson


Andy Richardson’s story is the story of a balance trick. Or, better said, the story of a quest for balance. A balance between past and future, tradition and innovation, sobriety and avantgarde. The research for a balance between Tuscany’s rich cultural heritage and England as the crossing point of fashions, vogues and traditions. Andy Richardson’s roots are deeply settled in Tuscany’s ground but, at the same time, his branches are protruding across the English Channel. Andy Richardson has become a known name to high quality made in Italy’s fashion insiders, needless of fake glitz and glitters. The brand has crossed several borders reaching delicate markets like Japan. A nice except from their collection is available on Super Fly Deluxe.


Having been a consultant for Gucci and Vivienne Westwood at their London branches, Andy Richardson has come to terms with the british capitol’s many souls and with high street fashion’s various aspects. That’s when Andy is struck by a thought: he is able to smooth many of the interesting but sharp corners he met in his british experience by mixing them with Tuscany’s deep love for details and materials.