The “hot thing” in last fairs and events has been a 100% Spanish creation: everybody talked about Victoria by YoYócreativo. Presented in Barcelona’s Bread&Butter 09 and reproposed in MICAM MODACALZADO fairs, the stand of Spanish company Victoria created by YoYócreativo has been acclaimed like one of the best. The philosophy of YoYóCreativo aka Josep Ruà Blasco and Nelly Dominguez de Juan, could be summed in “slow innovation”. In fact, always searching for young and innovative languages, the duo of spanish interior designers don’t forget their spanish roots, lined with the conception of “slow design”.  The result is a mix of simple lines, sophisticated shape, mediterrean colours and explosive creativity. In the case of the collaboration with Victoria shoes, this could happen also thanks the presence of two of the most creative and innovative illustrators right now: Marta Abad Blay and Valero Doval, both spanish but contaminated from dutch and english culture, transform space into a captivating Wonderland.  Totally hand-made and unique, in opposition with triviality and pre-fabricated design: this is the new idea of the fair’s space that shows the potentiality of ephemeral architecture, but above all is the perfect interpretation of the mood of Victoria’s new collection: optimism, colour and energy are the key-words.