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Biciclista is born from enthusiast cyclists, people that ride bikes, any bikes. Biciclista products are made to be at home equally at a criterium or at 24hr MTB race, commuting, travelling around Europe with bags and a tent, Singlespeeding, for a Sunday morning ride with the family or to go out for a Beer with friends without looking too racey or to odd. All the Biciclista products are made in Vescovato, Italy a little town of Cremona Countryside, were everyone ride a bike and always did, were everybody knows everybody by name and were hopefully they still have laboratories of people capable and open minded enough to support the guys@Biciclista in the creation of this collection.

We make our product with love and soul, we chose the best materials possible and we care all the finishes to grant a comfort, a durability and quality for the price to be proud of. All the Biciclista stuff are personally tested by ourselves or with the help of Los Lobos della Bassa (maybe the most Iconic group of the New Wave of Italian Cycling) and several of other cyclists. The full Biciclista collection is available to buy on this website at Singlespeed events in Italy and at selected retailers.

Biciclista also realized the collection for Ormaglie are Super breathable tshirts, realized with special fabric and high quality digital printed. Nice collages and vintage graphics. Super!


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  1. Biciclista’s best designs are not original. Their stripes jersey and especially their circles jerseys are complete rip offs of Hotvelociti which produced the circles jersey in 2005 and presented it at Interbike, and the stripes which was presented in 2009 at Interbike, and in 2008 at a European contest for best designs.
    They should be ashamed of themselves, trying to pass themselves off as designers, when their best designs are outright copies.
    check it out for yourself,