Milan Design Week /// Special Trip

Milan Design Week /// Special Trip

The Special Trip is dedicated to the guys of LAGO Design, Tortona 21..


In our opinion they have had an original idea and Polkadot wants to tell you what is it. They are 13 designers, coming from Padova, and instead of rent a showroom or a stand during the design week, they have decided to rent an apartment for their own but also as a (shop)-window. They create furniture and which is the best way to communicate to people about this? Showing their the daily use of the objects!! So the apartment is open for visitors while the designers are living there: they cook, they make a shower, they listen to the music or they read magazines. You can visit the apartment, talk with the guys, have a look to the furniture and touch it and use it. The Lago’s idea is Re-inventing space and create a real relationship with the people. On the website you could watch the apartment in real time by web cam,

Polkadot has been there and all is natural and comfortable, the home is like a temporary shop but friendly. Furniture is focused on colours and geometric shapes that you can mix as you want in order to create your personal room or space.

Certainly, this is one of the best project we have seen this year.