Happy Socks


On a rainy Sunday in April 2008, two guys from Stockholm  came up with a promising brand idea. Mikael Söderlindh  and Viktor Tell decided the time was right to start  spreading happiness by means of high quality footwear in  quirky patterns at a low price. Happy Socks was born.  Only four months after the initial idea, the brand was  launched during Stockholm Fashion Week in August 2008.  Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell mobilized their  business contacts, jump-started the PR machine and  quickly became a buzz within their style-conscious  Scandinavian base market. Virtually overnight, blogs,  magazines and social networks were all rooting for their  multicolored socks.  The goal was to build a strong brand around a single,  distinct product whilst simultaneously defining the  market for fashion socks. Not contenting themselves with  their Scandinavian base market, Mikael Söderlindh and  Viktor Tell aimed for a global distribution of high  volumes at low prices and immediately started exporting.  Coinciding with the 2008 economic downturn, the idea to  market colorful and high quality, yet relatively  inexpensive socks as the perfect recession chic accessory  could not have been more timely.