Vanport Outfitters

The guys @ Vanport Outfitters have launched one month ago a very stylish Medium Canvas Tote. This project came together thanks to a design collaboration with Jordan Sayler of Winn Perry. The tote has a folding top which allows for a simple closure using a snap hook. It can also be expanded by simply unfolding the top and connecting the snap hook to a secondary internal D-ring. The shoulder strap is of a length that allows carriage on the shoulder or slung across the back as with a messenger bag. Additionally there is a hand strap. The body of the tote is constructed using 15 oz untreated cotton canvas and accented with 20 oz. vat dyed cotton canvas. All hardware is brass. The footprint measures 12″x5.5″ And the depth is 14″ when folded down and 21″ when expanded. Currently available in Navy Blue and Classic Red.