w.e.r.n stands for both simple and unpredictable design.

Simple in the way that added details are unnecessary, the genuine bag is all about shape and function. Complexed in the way that an asymetri of lines is always intriguing. Triangles and skew angles makes it unpredictable, capturing the eye after a while. Yet, nothing is screaming for attention. Silence. Lowkey. Timeless. Genuine. Androgyne. You will find the logo only on the removable leather label, for emphasising the sens of individual ownership.

Founder and designer Anna Werner has been designing accessories since 1997, after graduating Beckmans School of Design/Stockholm. She has been working at a number of brands in Stockholm/Sweden. These are her words about w.e.r.n.  :

My toughts of w.e.r.n is mainly to create a collection that is simple but still very significant for the brand. First of all it still has to make a difference, but can be very close to the root of  the most genius shape for a certant use.
I like to decorate the part that is needed, no extraparts for decoration, ex make the straps special but not add on patch just for the fun of it. I am a bit practical!! :)

I like the idea of owning the your bag yourself, it shall camelionts on to you. The sameis it with the detatchable logo strap. You can choose if you want it or not. Personaly I do not wear logos at all!

I do a limited serie of my collections and I only release one collection a year. I like thatit´s quite slow tempo. I sell in Sweden and Denmark, but you can also buy via my webb site if you contact me.