Fixed Gear Bixes

Join the Fixed Gear Bike Revolution. Many cyclists are rebelling against the excessive complication, fragility and weight of current mountain bikes. More and more cyclists are discovering the joys of simple, Single Speed  Bikes. The Fixed Gear Revolution, be it a commuter with a taste for retro chic or even a budding track enthusiast ouzes appeal.  Single-speed bicycles are characterized by a simple and uncluttered look.

If you are more concerned with the enjoyment of cycling then the simplicity of Fixed Gear could be right up your street. With rapid increase in popularity there has been a surge in dedicated Fixed Gear Hub Bike products and Fixed Gear Hub Bikes, and the guys@Urban Excess have a hand picked selection available right there. If you are more concerned with the enjoyment of cycling then the simplicity of Single Speed could be right up your street.

The set up of a fixed gear bicycle is very beneficial to one’s health.  It is the simplest form of a bicycle; the sprocket is screwed directly to the hub with no freewheel.  So if the bike is moving, the rider’s legs must also be in motion.  There are many benefits to this.  The first is to the rider’s health and exercise; because of the lack of a freewheel mechanism, it not only takes effort to go, but it also takes effort to stop.  The only way stopping is achieved is by resisting the rotation of the cranks.  Cycling now becomes even more of a workout and leg strengthening exercise.

Cutting out many of the unnecessary components you find in much of today’s bicycles, you really come out with a very lightweight and low maintenance device.  With a fixed gear you simply have a frame, cranks, pedals, cogs, chains and wheels.  No longer do you have to deal with the complications of gears, breaks, derailleurs and other unnecessary components that take away from the enjoyment and benefits of cycling.

Many people find this style much more enjoyable than other forms of cycling that involve freewheel and gear systems.  The lack of gears allows the rider to focus more on the actual ride and frees the mind in a big way.  No longer does the rider have to worry about the complications of shifting gears and making the necessary adjustments to the ride.  Many people say this bring them closer to riding and puts them more in tune with the bike.  Everything is controlled directly by the rider and leaves nothing to gears and brakes.  Many riders also swear by the amount of control a fixie offers.  It is said that this form gives a great deal more control in rain and snow because the breaking comes directly from the legs rather than from friction between the brakes and wheel rims.  If one can perform a stop, then they will stop; wet rims will not affect the stopping capability of a rider.

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