Camo FW09-10


The last Camo collection got the idea from waves ! The waves represent people’s moments of Life: up and down. The waves represent also water and this means that we are on a boat and our world is the sea and our ironic individuals sailors. The buttons are made of wood because wood is the material of boats and it floats, the sweaters are made of Shetland wool, the socks are soft and the T-shirts have an anchor on them. The anchor stands for a choice, the rudder means direction and balance while the lifebelt means friends and friendship. The trousers are turned up, otherwise you get wet! With braces of course! The stripe shirts remind us the sail and the jackets made of corduroy. The coat is made of wool cashmere and the beanies remind us of those used in the harbour. Scarves need hoodies because of the wind, while the sight is towards the horizon. Sometimes you can feel like being shipwrecked during a storm, sometimes you can feel like a conqueror going through the sea and the oceans.
Other times you can feel like floating, in this case: don’t stop swimming !



camo : get materials created with specific purposes, get ideas from the world of uniforms and get its codes. get these codes twisted, concealed and camouflaged so that they can fit to our contemporary context. camo, man clothes brand, has inspiration in north-european countries but it is clearly italian.”camo” stands for “camouflage” that is something disguised, something camouflaged. it was presented for the first time on the occasion of ideal fair in berlin in 2008. it has started its career since then: bbb barcelona, who’s next in paris (lounge fast winner), modefabriek in has already been sold in very exclusive shops all over europe and japan.