Who could put Bob Marley on trial??

Today is a special day for raggae & rastafarian movement. We are talking about the Rototm Sunsplash and the bad news of the last days. We at Polkadot usually don’t speak a lot of raggae music, but we like it and we respect absolutely every kind of music events if they were based on quality and good ideas. It’s culture! We would like talking to our friends out of Italy we would like that you understand what is happened and how some italian lows and bad politacal ideas can damage the most important raggae festival in Europe! Rototom sunsplash has been a big and great festival for 10 years, with a lot of people coming there (about 170.000 per year), not just a week of music but also charity workshops and initiatives. In the last days the organizers were accused of aid and beat the use of marijuana promoting the raggae culture and rastafarian ideas! These are the best ideas of our politicians to save Italy from drogs (instead to make attention to the real traffickers. This evening there’s a demonstration in Udine to protec the festival. We hope this could help and we invite you to support Rototom sunsplash on their website or writing us we will be really please to send them your messages. rototomsunsplash.com