Xmas Gifts Picks: Solo Alto Design


Some nice products from Solo Alto Design: from Kartell a 4-pocket magazine rack with a central handle for ease of lifting. Beautiful and practical, this piece is a true classic of Italian design. 2 nice products from Rotaliana: Diva is a LED light and music system specifically designed for your iPod or iPhone. It combines multiple functions in one light, compact object, eliminating clutter and stealing the scene no matter where you place it. Eolo brings together chromatic light with a room spray. In this small lamp, perfect for both the home and more public spaces, olfactory and visual senses are combined: aromatherapy now comes with chromotherapy. Lastly, Kartell’s Dune, a semi-transparent batch-dyed technopolymer thermoplastic serving tray by Mario Bellini, in a rainbow of colors, is the company’s first foray into modern tableware. Colored plastics used for these molded trays are heated and cooled at different rates so that their molten dunelike waves are fixed permanently beneath the tray’s clear, flat, glasslike surface.