Epiphytes, the organic future of interior design

The :: dan pearlman creative agency, based in Berlin, breeds a future generation of interior design with the green and polymorphic Epiphytes.“Epiphyte is a plant that normally grows on another plant for support. It is not parasitic, but uses the host plant for support only. Epiphytes can be found in many different environments all over the world, but many of the most beautiful come from the tropic rain forests”.

As they, these are not fixed pieces of furniture, but hybrid units of polygonal shape and organic evolution. They clamber across tables, entwine around the walls or arrange themselves on the ceiling. Sometimes big, sometimes small, they can make noises, are able to glow or make themselves useful in other ways.

“Our objects are like morphings derived from the fields of manufacturing, furnishing and biology”, says Nicole Srock.Stanley, foundress and managing director of :: dan pearlman.

The range of products includes a tv, loudspeakers, lamps, vases, dishes, mirrors or a news rack. For the development of the prototypes it was important that they are variable in form, colour and dispatch. Like the clambering lamp which grows upon the desk like a rare plant and is to be developed in cooperation of Philips.

Therewith, :: dan pearlman and werk5 intend not only respond to the future of interior design, but also strike new paths in the production: furniture dissolves from its fixedly defined application and becomes more flexible. The development of design and the implementation are crosslinked non-stop so that design can be realised in real-time.

Also layout data and production consider individual wishes according form, colour or surface structure and make sure that every epiphyte becomes a sequential unicum. «Habitation, life and work are becoming more flexible and multifunctional. With the Epiphytes we want to meet this development,» says Nicole Srock.