Tivoli Pal radio


When the American, Henry Kloss began, to make acoustic diffusers for his student colleagues in the 50’s, he didn’t know that his career would be as successful … In 2000, he created the brand Tivoli Audio with Tom deVesto, which became a benchmark, both for the music enthusiasts and the amateurs of design. A range of cult radios which associates a vintage style in an extraordinary audio quality. We’ve all owned things that bring on a smile just from looking at, or holding, or listening to them. The Tivoli Audio® PAL speaker/radio, for many of our customers, one of those things. iPAL: If you need something that sounds terrific, is easily moved around, and was designed to work with your iPod, nothing does it like the iPAL. Available at SoloAltoDesign.

As a speaker for an iPod or other portable player, it offers 15-20 hours of use (thanks to a rechargeable internal battery) in a weather-resistant, though bulky, enclosure that’s perfect for the beach or back yard. As a radio, the iPAL has one of the best AM/FM radios on the market, with sensitivity and selectivity that outperform many expensive tuners and receivers.

Even though the PAL/iPAL has only a single speaker, that speaker is exceptional — the PAL/iPAL provides sound quality that competes favorably with portable systems that have separate left/right speakers. Originally conceived as a portable version of the benchmark Tivoli Audio Model One™ table radio, the PAL radio has taken on a personality all its own.

“You won’t believe how great the speakers are on these portable AM/FM radios. You can hook up your CD or MP3 player to share your music with your friends. They’re design marvels, acoustically and aesthetically.” (Oprah Magazine)