Be stupid

To be stupid is to be brave, when you risk something, that’s stupid.  The stupid aren’t afraid to fail. Why? Because they’re stupid!  We think that you are probably pretty stupid too.  Renzo Rosso is stupid.  Stupid is motoring around in your Ford transit and visiting after shop owner after shop owner, trying to sell your brand new denim made to look worn. “It’s a sign of innovation. When you are already doing the things nobody even thinks about”. That’s a very stupid quote. Mister Rosso. Respect.  To be stupid is damn hard work. You know the odds are against you and sometimes you will fail, and spectacularly so.  Stupid means listening to your heart versus listening to your head. Listening to your heart is hard: your heart says yes, your head says no. Your head almost always says no. The smart quickly recognize things for how they are.  The stupid see things for how they could be. You can’t outsmart stupid so don’t even try. Long live stupid.

4 Responses
  1. o my gosh!!! then i really was and kinda still am so fucken stupid!!! Go me?? Go me??? nah i gus i thot with my heart and did what was right then but now its time to think with my head and see things 4 how they rly r cuz if i always think with my heart i will always be stupid and stupid ppl r not ambitious and in college/uni, now are they? :)