Camo S/S 2010


The name of the new camo s/s 2010 collection is “horses collection”. but…pay attention not to get confused: the world of horses is just the background while the main subject is the hurdle we have to jump over… the new collection does not show clothes for horse-racing. it modifies, camouflages the clothes to go horseback riding and feel at ease.

such collection, elegant and easy to wear, reminds us the style of north-african colonies. the trousers/pants and the shorts, double buttoned in the middle, are large and short so that you can see the boots and the socks (up to the knee). the spiral pattern of the socks is the same pattern of the lining of the pockets and of the collars: white and red, like that one of the hurdles.


the knitting is extra fine and the jackets are as long as sleeves. the jackets and the trousers are made of the same tissue, madawa cotton. a turban on the head is part of the look. the style is in different shades of colour: blue, bordeaux, light brown and ochre and green cacto. this look is for those people who see an opportunity behind a hurdle, an incentive to fight and get better and better.


camo: get materials created with specific purposes, get ideas from the world of uniforms and get its codes. get these codes twisted, concealed and camouflaged so that they can fit to our contemporary context. camo, man clothes brand, has inspiration in north-european countries but it is clearly italian. “camo” stands for “camouflage” that is something disguised, something camouflaged.

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