Bulk77, a sound which fills mouth.

Bulk experience starts in 2005, affirming a new young spirit, mixing several aspects as quality, care of details, comfort and glamour. Bulk meaning and visual impact represent the freshness of this brand and highlight  the strong and direct flavour. Bulk is a completely Italian product, all made in Italy, from the choose of fabrics to the production, from Italian providers to further partners. Made in Italy is our speciality, and we try to underline  this quality known and valued all over the world. Bulk proposes young and fashion collections for funny boys and girls, focusing on sunny and bright  colour, amazing slogan and word games. T-shirt, sweater and trousers are characterized by soft and slim shapes, comfort and pleasure: a mix of quality and charm, glamour and pleasant sensations. Actually, we have more of 100 selling points in Italy, and you can find also in Switzerland and Japan. After Pitti Man in Florence and Bread and Butter in Berlin, we dream to be more international day by day. It’s a challenge, it’s a dare, it’s true: but we believe we can fly.