Speck’s SeeThru Iphone Case


Now available at SpeckProducts.com and other dealers, Speck SeeThru Hard Shell features a smooth, comfortable soft-touch finish on the exterior of a slim hard shell, giving your iPhone a cool, colorfully frosted look that is soft to the touch and tough against drops.

The entire SeeThru Satin for iPhone 3G/3GS line includes six colors: black, blue, red, purple, pink and green. Featuring the same hard-shell protection as its predecessor, Speck’s glossy translucent “SeeThru” case line, SeeThru Satin increases in-hand comfort, tweaking its former look with the coveted soft-but-grippy, semi-translucent finish. This unique blend arrived on the scene to much critical acclaim last year in the form of cases for Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks.