Vanmoof n°5


We already wrote about Vanmoof, the Dutch bike with its unique design. Now they are out with a new model which responds to a special need: in the city a strong chain lock is a must. But chaining it up is time consuming and storing it during the ride is even a bigger hassle. VANMOOF N°5 is the answer. The high quality chain lock is integrated in the frame. You simply pull it out, wrap it around a pole and turn the key in your frame. Your bike is stored safe and sound. When you are ready to ride again you simply place it back in your frame. Easy, safe and city-proof!

VANMOOF N°5 has a striking aluminum rust-free frame with a highly advanced solar powered LED light system built inside its tubes. The lights have two settings: steady mode and flashing mode. The indestructible bulbs are also used for airport landing strips, they are strong. No more loose hanging cables! No more rusty dynamo’s dangling in your spokes! No more lights stolen off your bike! The secret is in what´s NOT there.


VANMOOF N°5 is lightweight. This means easy to lift but moreover fast to ride. The wide wheels enable riding on and off pavements but also the coaster brake is great for the city: unbreakable, light and a safe. The broad handle bar, classic leather Brooks saddle and durable Schwalbe tires top-off the smooth no-nonsense look of this ultimate urban commuter tool. And all this for a affordable consumer price of € 548.