Animi Causa


Animi Causa (For reasons of spirit), one of Israel’s well known innovative manufacturers of high quality and modern multi-use furniture, is a reputable designer, developer and producer of high quality products. By combining advanced state of the art modern technologies with individual artistic finesse Animi Causa is heralding a unique Israeli style.

The company is located in Beit Hanan, part of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and takes advantage of Tel-Aviv’s advanced infrastructures. Animi Causa’s commercial success is the result of the artistic and commercial symbiosis of Mrs. Sarit Attias and Mr. Amit Axelrod, owners and co-founders of the company.

Translating creative and innovative designing into commercial success has characterized Animi Causa from the day of its inception.


Animi Causa’s sophisticated furniture designs are not only developed for individual customers interested in adding quality and character to their homes, but are also in increasing demand by architectural and institutional project developers.
The use of unconventional elements like flexible strings,foam and advanced metals creates a wide range of uniquely designed products. The fusion of such materials attests to the company’s philosophy.

Animi Causa creates from the center of one’s awareness: their emotions. By means of exploring the relationship between object and the body their designs merge these two forces into both a sensory and emotional experience. Animi Causa Boutique is bringing the most extensive range of Israeli Design items available online as well as international designers with exceptional quality and cutting edge design.

We are passionate about good design and believe inspiration can come from every part of life – whether that be architecture, art, product design or even fashion. Our diverse range reflects that passion.