Podmork could save the world?

podmork mix

It’s up to you, a Podmork could save the world if you believed it. We like thinking about Podmork as an idea, a philosophy spread in many different ways, following the interesting concept of “Pervasive Art“: combining different styles, techniques and materials. Design toys, paintings, sculptures, digital art and photography, Podmorks are in and out the web, into your bedroom or into your living room, and they are also on your neck, ready to go everywhere. Creations close to pop art and surrealism. The legend tells they arrived here with an important mission: saving the world and humans from their negative behaviours. How is it possible? Just choosing your personal Podmork  from the range, they are available on the Podmork’s web site as design toys and there are also limited edition paintings and tshirts. You can also find updates about periodical exhibitions in Italy.

The last update is a new Podmork 3Eye: a big eye to look around the world better!

Podmork 3Eye_014A

Here is the video-story with a lovely soundtrack by A toys orchestra!

Podmork is a project by Hackatao, the artistic team founded in 2007 by Sergio Scalet, Nadia Squarci and Claudia Pegoraro.