Molecule F


If you were wondering how fashion design has evolved in post-communist Eastern European countries, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that there are plenty of young designers with a fresh and creative approach to fashion, yet unique and original.

Molecule F is a unique project in Romania which rejoins, in a carefully selected mix, young and established designers and fashion labels such as Ana Alexe, Rozalb de Mura, 109, Andreea Badala, Andra Clitan, Corina Vladescu, Cristian Samfira, Fe[male], Silvia Serban, Andreea Tincu, Ladymagpie, Maria Filipescu, Elena Crisan and many more.

Each object is a style statement and a molecule of the creative universe of the designer. An important part of the available items is created exclusively for Molecule F. Also, the website is a space where users can interact with the designers.

And if style-icon Roisin Murphy is already a fan of some of them (she sported a Rozalb de Mura golden dress at Milan Fashion Week in 2008 and commissioned Corina Vladescu to design a few stage outfits), we should at least give it a try.