eskuché (es•koo•chay) is a lifestyle . . . a cultured initiative formed by inspired individuals to channel the act of “LISTEN” for a movement passionate about and influenced by music, art, fashion and design. Inspiration is drawn from classic industrial design, combined with modern components. Thus achieving the design aesthetic without sacrificing sound quality, an obsessive-compulsive-frequency. They have a very unique style about them, as described by Hyprebeast, “The vintage aesthetic is evident with some brilliant metallic finishes as an added contemporary touch.” In fact, their style has seen them used in a few pretty amazing fashion shows recently.

The ONE ANSWER to all your audio needs without any compromise. eskuché offers premium audio accessories with personality and soul, while satisfying the functionality of your lifestyle. Compatible with iPods, iPhones, DJ mixers, home stereos, and other music output devices. Available on SuperFlyDeluxe.