Liars gig @ Magnolia – Milan 12.05

The restless and schizofrenic band from NY is come back in Italy: Liars. A new album “Sisterworld” has been published in 2010. Everything into Liars world is sick and damned, if they played close to pop or noise or electro there is always a sinister sadness, a beautiful sense of destruction of happyness. During their carreer the band have approached different styles per album, that’s why the band is schizofrenic.  But No wave attitude is into the music and into the lyrics ever. Liars play the pain of our generation. What do we expect tonite? a violent storm into heart and brain. Do we need this? Yes we do, absolutely!  Have a look at the video of “scissor” from the new album and don’t miss the gig.

More info on Magnolia web site (tickets available for 10 €)