Very Bravo

Very Bravo‘s website, the new optimistic Italian brand of art toys and fashion, is now up and running!

The website went online together with the release of the first two Toys, produced by Superpowers and created by the Italian artist Mauro Gatti.Very Bravo’s first toy, The Ghetto Reaper, is a funny Death and comes in two versions: Gold & Cold, dressed in black with a golden necklace and Silver Shiver, purple with the silver bling.

The second toy, The Carrot Slayer, is dedicated to vegetarians and also comes in two versions: Gruesome, wearing leather and bringing to mind a fetish atmosphere, and Hippie, dressed in exuberant colours, like a nostalgic flower child. Both Carrot Slayers are chaperoned by a little freshly chopped carrot, bursting with irony and good humor. Have fun!