20 Hangers

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Alice Rosignoli presents the 20 Hangers wardrobe. This auto-produced wardrobe is made of common wood hangers and black ropes. Each of these items is used in its ordinary function in the product and yet, when assembled, confers a decisive evolution to the structure and aesthetic of a familiar item, the wardrobe. The wardrobe illustrates the need for reduced use of material through its thin, minimal aesthetic while the auto-production principles applied to its production induce limited use of energy and industrial systems.

Besides, its light structure offers a solution to ever-decreasing living spaces, where pieces of furniture have to be both functional and harmonious but also occupying a minimal and effi- cient volume.

By stripping the idea of a wardrobe to its very core, 20 Hangers aims to question the relation between consumption, design and use. The result is a simple, practical, yet original object, con- ceived to answer people’s need.

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