Delorean, F*** Yeah


…for people who never heard about this band, the name could remind of the most famous car of “Back to the Future”, cult movie of the mid 80’s. And , to be honest, there is a bit of “back to the 80’s” influence in the tunes of this basque band.

Celebrating their 10th year of making music together, the Spanish guys have “in their bellies” 3 works, the last one published right on March 2010, Subiza (from the town they recorded it)

Listening to their music excursus, you will be probably be hit by a bit electric music, tribal drumbeats, breakbeats and guitars, Balearic dance music and a pinch of indie rock, all laid on a Spanish flamboyant base, full of summer happiness.

They have recently taken part in one of the most interesting indie festival in Los Angeles, the FYF Fest,  and once you have listened to one of their song, you can only end up with a “F***, yeah!”. Check them out