What a Pity (party)!

H&M is not only the name of one of my favourite chains to run at on Saturdays…. These two letters are the initials of Heisenflei and Marc (better known as only M), the Pity Party.

This cool duo was born and raised in Los Angeles, and actually is one of the thousand indie rock bands which sounds very good, as always… (even if get were nominated as the best band in LA, won different “battles of bands”…) but…. but…try to tell Heisenflei that  “ girls can do only one thing a time!!!”……she would probably hit you with her sticks of the drum!

Well, she’s not only the drummer, but she can play also keyboards (aside from the fact that she also knits..). But this is not a news, how many people can play loads of instruments… but the fact is that she can play them simultaneously and obviously sing! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the video after the jump.

Chickens In Love Compilation is the name of their last work produced this year on recycled sleeve and the cool thing is that, during one of their concerts, each sleeve was uniquely drawn by an artist called Ronald Dzerigian and then distributed! What a pity… I wasn’t there!



http://www.thelittleknittery.com/ (it’s not a joke…. Heisenflei runs her own shop in LA!)