Birthmark Tattoo

Birthmarks Tattoo

As the name suggests, Birthmarks Tattoos, are fake – but permanent – birthmarks that you can add to your body. Aside from its decorative potential, Birthmarks Tattoo makes it possible for you and your partner to “exchange” birthmarks or to imprint your body with a secret message in braille. Birthmarks Tattoo is a concept by Dutch designers Julia Müller, Arjan Groot and Menno Wittebrood who were commissioned by the magazine Identity Matters to come up with an idea for new ways of tattooing.

I’m assuming the process works in a similar way to Henna. However it works, it’s great to see an alternative to dodgy cover-up jobs, attempting to erase an ex’s name from your ass cheeks and long-sleeved shirts in the middle of Summer just to visit the family. | Via