Who is Caribou?

Who is Caribou? Caribou is the nickname of Daniel Victor Snaith (born 1978), a mathematician and an electronic musician  coming from Uk, but he  lived in Ontario and Canada for the first years of his life. Also known as Manitoba, Daniel has worked hard in the last ten years with a lot of productions. His music is a mix of electronic and psychedelic pop.  Moving from an acid approach of  “The milk of human kindness” (2005) to a more melodic sound of  “Andorra” (2007), the last album of Caribou, named “Swim” (2010), is  a great combination of soft sounds and electronic rhythms . The Caribou’s world is reach of details, and that’s why the pieces are never boring. After the beautiful singles “Odessa” and “Sun” the new one is “Leave House” (above). As the most of electronic artists visuals are an important part of the production and they are used into the show cases. In his videos and lives Caribou uses interesting and sophisticated illustrations matched with the music. The artist actually is involved in italian tour. He is going to play in Turin tonite, during Club to Club Festival,  other dates are available after the jump

Saturday 6th of  Novembre @  Link
via Fantoni, 21 – Bologna
. Starting at  11 pm
co-headline show with FOUR TET
. Ticket € 25 + d.p. / booking on Ticketone.it
info:  www.locomotivclub.it

Tuesday 30th of November @ Circolo degli Artisti
via Casilina Vecchia, 42 – Rome
. Starting at 9.30 pm
booking on Greenticket.it, Ticket.it
info: www.circoloartisti.it

Saturday 15th of January 2011 – Mash Up
Piazza del Comune – Montefalco (Perugia)
info: www.dancity.it