Bread & Butter, Berlin: Urbanwear ready for take-off

Bench: Vibrant blues highlight subdued colours Streetwear-styles from Björkvin, Kopenhagen Printed down jackets with ethnical or knitwear patterns ease off shiny surfaces. Tribeca combined modern biker-styles, chinos and checked jackets. […]

Monumental entrance of Tempelhof Airport

Bench: Vibrant blues highlight subdued colours

Dust's one-of-a-kind-creation. Dust is one of 77 international street artists, designing for the Eastpak charity-project. Simply visit

"Wir sind die Roboter!"-G-Star didn't spare no expense for their displays and was traded as one of the hottest exhibitors.

Streetwear-styles from Björkvin, Kopenhagen

Custo Barcelona relies on less vibrant patterns and textures

Printed down jackets with ethnical or knitwear patterns ease off shiny surfaces.

Tribeca combined modern biker-styles, chinos and checked jackets.

Custo BarcelonaBench: Vibrant blues highlight subdued colours

Chinos, leather jackets and heavy boots are keywords for upcoming fall/winter.

Under the creative direction of David Mullen (american filmaker, fotographer) the butto-down shirts are turning back to their originals…

"Wir sind die Roboter!"-G-Star didn't spare no expense for their displays and was traded as one of the most hip exhibitors"Wir sind die Roboter!"-G-Star didn't spare no expense for their displays and was traded as one of the most hip exhibitors.

Announcing bills allover Berlin...Thousands of retailers and fashion people from all over Europe, came to check in at Germany’s biggest denim tradefair Bread & Butter, wich took place from 19th to 21st of January in Germany’s capital Berlin. Starring jeans an chinos, flanked by young urban casualwear, street- and young fashion as well as accessories and footwear, the raw hangars at former Tempelhof Airport displayed the latest trends for fall/winter 2011|2012. With over 600 exhibitors and 90.000 tickets issued, this tradefair has gained enourmous significance in the industry. And the show is different compared to many other fashion events: young, vibrant and – most important – the disused airport, an architectonic myth itself, is showing what people wear on the street...

German jeanswear by Mustang

Adidas "Blue Collection"

Monumental entrance of Tempelhof Airport

Check in area prepared to welcome visitors from all over Europe

Eyes wide open: A lot to see-not only at the Miss Sixty / Energie booth

Graffity-Artist "Dust" from Berlin at work, designing for Eastpaks artist studio

Dust's one-of-a-kind-creation

Mark your territory - and your jeans: Wrangler offers jeans with an attached pen for your own individual design...

Adidas launched the Adidas originals blue collection

Reduced labeling is a characteristic detail for the freshly launched Adidas originals "blue collection".

Adidas' patented sneaker protector: a special coating protects your white sneakers from jeans abrasion

The return of the 80s! Adidas' mega-collection revives the models "soft-cell" and "torsion"

The colours of Custo outside and....

...inside. Custo intoduced the collection "Custoline" with coloured furs, extravagant prints and sequin shirts

Made in Missouri. The original Stetson: not only a cowboy's headgear.

Breeches and chinos wherever you look...

Winter hot-pants, braces and boots...the next winter brings more of it

All denim! Allover-looks, washed but not destroyed anymore...

Parkas and hot pants from Timezone

No head without hood, hat or cap. The funky guys from spirithood rocked the show...

"Be my furry kitten"-Spirithoods for girls

Francesco Verdinelli (right) from the iconic brand Tokidoki, had to protect the items from beeing stolen from the booth...

Collectors' item: Karl Lagerfeld by Tokidoki is traded at about 1000 Euros

""All stars" and out for the fur-lined Beverly-boot next winter. He's the upcoming favourite!

"Wir sind die Roboter!"-G-Star didn't spare no expense for their "slow-show"

G-Stars lounge-area: meeting point for hip visitors

Along the lines of "Cotton Club", BBB opened the show with a fantastic party in 1920s style, followed by two parties on wednesday and thursday, where visitors could meet and "gamble"..

Recreation area during daytime, partyzone after 9pm

The spanish streetwear shoebrand Maians dedicates its style to spanish "abuelos" (grandfathers) with corduroy-, tweet- and velvet-loafers

Bench for adults. The streetwear-brand reduced the big logos in favour of a more subtle design.

Get your ska-braces out of the drawer- you'll need them immediately to complete your style...

Flip-Flops winter variation: the colourful rubber-soles pimp up your style...

Private viewing of G-Stars "slow-show". Very pret-a-porter-like: only people on the "list" were admitted...

The living dolls of Vive Maria Lingerie attracted visitors as well as exhibitors in their lunch-time-breaks

The Belgian designers from he happy-retro-style-brand "Who's that girl?" use strictly natural materials.

The handsewn Sebago Docksides boat-shoe and classic beefroll penny loafer haven't changed since they were first crafted decades ago...

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