Abazias diamonds

You would think that all people want to look at on the abazias.com website are the Abazias diamonds, but you’d be wrong! Yes, there are over 150,000 genuine diamonds to choose from on the site at record-breaking prices, but many people who go online want more than just an ecommerce site. Some want to be educated, others hope to get creative, and still others want to get referrals to appraisers. All this information is available on the Abazias.com site, along with an extensive collection of diamond jewelry to please everyone.

Diamond Blog and FAQ | For those that are seeking to get informed and entertained, there is the diamond blog. Posts range from the latest celebrity news and fashion trends to the different ways to evaluate a diamond purchase. All the posts are categorized by topic so you can easily browse only the news you want. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page deals with many of the common questions visitors to the site have when first shopping with Abazias.com.

Ring Builder | For couples that want a chance to create their own engagement rings, there’s the online ring builder. By choosing a setting and a stone, the virtual ring builder pulls the choices together to show what the final design might look like. The ring builder also has the advantage of being able to create the design while keeping an eye on costs so you don’t blow your budget.

Referrals | Abazias has a list of appraisers on its site that you can use for a third-party appraisal of any stone you pick on the site. The diamonds do come with certifications so that there is no doubt about the quality of the stone or the value. However, some people also want to get them appraised for their own purposes, either to insure them or just to make sure they got what they paid for.