Punkt. DP 01

Simplicity is back! This could be the manifesto of DP 01 telephone, designed by Jasper Morrison for the Swiss brand Punkt. Forget all those hyper-technological gadgets, complete with handbooks which resemble a Bible in volume.  And this is certainly not one of those next-generation smartphones with option “coffee machine” included. It is a return to basics: a phone intended just for phone calls and, at most, to listen to messages left on the answering machine.
The successful aim of Morrison was to create a highly user-friendly object where design and functionality merge together in order to allow users to operate DP 01 easily and in an intuitive way.

The core of DP01 design is the upside down handset, which rests in a magnetic cradle designed to be placed horizontally or vertically. This allows the users to actually read the screen and dial numbers without lifting the receiver. Keys are big with large fonts, therefore easy to read  and, in addition to the numbers, minimal basic keys such as on, off, phone book and answer phone.

“Design defines what Punkt. stands for: articulating the functionality and simplicity of our products through the expression of form and materials. Jasper (Morrison) brings that vision to life, from concept to reality, with our stunning DECT phone. […] Punkt., with Japser, wants to re-inteprete consumer electronics.”

Punkt. is a design company to keep under your radar.