Street Photography: London

Double black & red © Zdenek Lesovsky

A new exhibition showcases the Museum of London’s fantastic collection of London street photographs from 1860 to 2010 – and you too can capture the stream of everyday life by joining the Photographers’ Gallery project  “Street Photography Now”.

Around 200 photographs are on display at the “London Street Photography” exhibition, including work by well-known photographers as well as superb contemporary images. This is the first time street photography is explored exclusively in relation to London, offering a fascinating visual documentation of the city dynamism and energy, as well as documenting how street photography has evolved over the years.

Review the genre, then break the rules with your unique take: join the “Street Photography Now” project, a collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery (London), Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, authors of Street Photography Now.

Every week a leading contemporary street photographer issues a new instruction to inspire fresh ways of looking at and documenting the world. Over the following six days, photographers upload their responses to a special Flickr group. You too can join at any time this global community exploring the rewards and challenges of documenting public life.

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