Helkama Jopo

jopo story begins from the 1960’s when Eero Helkama had a dream. He wanted to create a bicycle that all people could use, no matter what age, size, sex or financial status. Almost 50 years later the same dream is a crucial part of Finnish cycling culture. Three generations of jopo bicycles live in perfect harmony, and do not care about fashion trends.

Re-introduced in 2000 with an updated design and new colors, the current Jopo carries on the tradition of an easy to adjust and easy to ride bicycle for anyone, anywhere. The 24-inch wheels, pedal brakes and no gears, mean the bicycle is very easily maintained. Tyler Brûlé, the man behind the style publications Wallpaper and Monocle, highlighted Jopo in his article for the Financial Times: “Just as BMW has done much with the Mini, Helkama is sitting on a 1960s design icon called the Jopo that could become the urban runabout of choice everywhere from Nice to Nagoya”. Available at FinnishDesignShop.

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