Me & Zena

Zena Mckeown is a creative designer, specialized in producing stunning and unique jewelers. She moved to London in 2005 and, in this eclectic metropolis, she created her first piece of jewellery and continues to satisfy her love of all things small, shiny and symbolic to this day. Her creations are so amazing and really lovely as well as fashionable and progressive.
In the last collection of “Me & Zena” there are necklaces, rings and charms in silver, gold and in different brilliant colors. The brand offers a diverse blend of jewelry, like the “Bright Eyes” Rabbit Ring (so adorable with its sparkling eyes; in gold tones with green eyes and silver toned with blue eyes) or the exoteric and colorful “I See You” Hexagon Eye Ring. Me & Zena is so unique and unusual to have a celebrity following. Super cute!

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