Rick Owens SS13 Sneakers


Since launching his eponymous label in 1994, Rick Owens has cultivated one of the most striking, recognisable aesthetics in the mainline fashion world. The blistered leather jackets that first made his name fitted like a second-skin and pushed his more gothic, avant-garde tendencies to the front of people’s minds.

Because of this, many customers (and stores) overlook the sport and streetwear influence that has also played a huge part in the designer’s output. LN-CC currently stocks the latest versions of Owens’ exaggerated sneakers, which lend an intriguing edge to the progressive tailoring that makes up much of the LN-CC menswear offering. Each pair takes clear reference points from a host of iconic sport-shoe silhouettes. The Island Dunk is a completely new style for SS13, informed by the classic basketball sneakers of the 1980s and filtered through Rick Owens’ singular vision.